Hello world!

“Hello world!”  Those classic coder words have never been truer. Firstly, Fluid & Reason, LLC is the software developer on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s MOVES software.  MOVES calculates the pollution from motor vehicles under a great many traffic conditions.  Among other things, it offers a true data driven simulation model.  The result: anyone can use it for their city, county, state, and even country – just plug in your measured data.  Several countries are interested in using MOVES!

Secondly, we’ve used technology so long to build our customer’s dreams, we’re working on one of our own: an actual Earth-orbiting satellite.  This one will be testing an ion engine or one of several other concepts on the drawing board.  Launch will be in early 2013 on the TubeSat platform from Interorbital Systems.  There’ll be a dot in the sky flying on our ions and software!

“Hello world!” indeed.  Welcome to Fluid & Reason, LLC.